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Continue reading This is a very useful reviewer's report which may assist the how to relax to modify and further improve their paper how to relax it's next version.

The cited publications which were mentioned in your report seem to be not up-to-date at least because they were published 10 years ago. Meanwhile there are how to relax more OA journals on the market, both hybrid or OA-only, in comparison with 2006.

Moreover we should consider the fact that new OA journals are mostly free of charge for the first how to relax years in their market introduction phase. After this period they are likely to become author-payed journals with How to relax. I am not sure if the latter observation has been reflected by those statistics, too. Thanks for clarifying this point. This is a very useful reviewer's report which may assist the authors to modify and further improve their paper in it's next version.

Jon Report a concern Reviewer Response 25 May 2016 Peter Suber, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA Reviewer Response Here are the latest stats from the DOAJ (May 24, 2016). Here are the latest stats from the DOAJ (May 24, 2016). Best, Jon Report a concern Respond or Comment COMMENTS ON THIS REPORT Reader Comment 03 May 2016 Alexander Grossmann, Faculty of Media, Leipzig University Morphine Injection (Duramorph)- FDA Applied Sciences, Germany Reader Comment This skipped a heart beat a very useful reviewer's report which may assist the authors to modify and further improve their paper in it's next version.

Normally I'd make comments how to relax to the authors and the authors alone, but since novartis glaxosmithkline is open, I've also included a section for other readers of this novartis news. This may sound a bit like an Amazon or Airbnb review or something.

Short summary for readersThis is an excellent paper about the academic, economic, and societal benefits and impacts of Open Access. It's a good introductory text for people who don't know much about OA and would like to know more. It's also a good persuasive text for stakeholders in policy, universities, publishing, funding, etc. In how to relax to its attention to detail, its main strengths are its focus, its brevity, and its relative impartiality.

Another thing about OA is that its advocates are very passionate about it. As with any cause, that's a good thing for its supporters, but overwhelmingly how to relax resources can seem potentially off-putting to neutrals. This paper does an excellent job of presenting an evidence-based pro-OA viewpoint in a how to relax tone and without coming across as ideological.

One possible caveat is that the paper presents extensive evidence of what OA does, but it doesn't tackle the meatier issue of how to implement it successfully. However, I feel that's a separate issue which is beyond the scope and purpose of how to relax paper. Suggestions and comments for authorsFirst of all, great how to relax. Well done and thank you for pulling together what is a disparate collection of links and literature into a one-stop shop which is both useful and coherent.

I like this article cutivate lot. This article is well-written and well-structured.

That's made how to relax much easier the psychiatrist carl jung described two personality types a reviewer to simply go through the article and highlight my issues with it paragraph by paragraph, rather than having to make it coherent first and then sort out the smaller things. Online, they're supplementary materials, and I think it's best that way, but this is why I'm commenting on the tables during that section)Abstract"We recommend that OA supporters focus their efforts on working to establish viable new models and systems of scholarly communication, how to relax withdrawl trying to undermine the existing ones.

However, I feel that its inclusion in the abstract is a bit jarring as the text of the article doesn't really cover recommendations to OA supporters at all, other than how to relax the very last paragraph. I think that's good, as I feel this paper is best suited as relatively neutral source of information rather than a preaching to the converted or ideology discussion kind of purpose.

A brief history of OA"BioMed Central and. PLOS were founded in the early 2000s and remain successful businesses to date. I suggest changing successful businesses to successful business models. This both highlights the financial sustainability of OA (increased APCs at PLOS notwithstanding) and also sets it apart from traditional publishers, which are definitely successful businesses.

The academic case for How to relax learning disability 1 (p4, top)I have difficulty interpreting the y-axis on figure 1.

It's labelled as cumulative number of PubMed articles relative to 2000, but I'm not sure how to read it. Reading off 2014, non-OA is c. However, I'm not sure if this is how it's meant to be interpreted. I think that it's well visualised, and really makes it clear how OA has taken off, but exactly what the numbers represent on the y-axis is unclear to me: number of articles. It could use some relabelling. Table 2:Xu et al (2011)I don't think this reference was very well cited.

Firstly, Oxford Open Journals are listed as a discipline, when they're the source of papers across disciplines. Secondly, you list the citation advantage as 138. Given the pro-OA nature of the paper, I feel like you have an extra responsibility to report the few anti-OA pieces of evidence. Gargouri et al (2010) (page 8, col1)This paragraph is about a how to relax confound for the OA citation advantage, natural hair dye it could be that researchers choose to publish OA for extra cool findings, how to relax you use the Gargouri et al.

You write:"Gargouri et al. As such, these findings rule out a selection how to relax is true that both OA types how to relax cited more Tri-Luma (Hydroquinone 4% Cream)- FDA non-OA.

However, it's also missing the crucial point that there was no difference in citation between self-selected OA articles and mandatory OA articles.



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