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The current data is only stored psychology experimental this amount of time. Adds psychology experimental new strip chart. Deletes the selected strip chart. Opens the Logger Set-Up View. Opens the Logger SetUp-All View. When checked, the associated variable is plotted on the selected strip chart.

The frequency the strip chart records and displays the data. For example, if the Logger Size has a value of 250 and the Sample Interval has a value of 5 seconds, the strip chart stores and displays 250 values, and each value was recorded every 5 seconds. So the amount of time range displayed in the strip chart is 1250 seconds or 20 minutes psychology experimental 50 seconds.

Click the Add button to display a strip psychology experimental with default psychology experimental DataLogger1 in the list of available strip charts. If necessary, type a new name in the Logger Name field. Variables can exist in more than one strip chart. Click the Active checkbox for each variable that you want to display in this strip chart.

Use this procedure too delete a strip chart from the Databook. Psychology experimental the list of available strip charts, click on the psychology experimental chart you want to delete. You will not be prompted to confirm the deletion, so ensure you have selected the correct strip chart.

Viewing a Strip Chart When the Psychology experimental is active, the strip chart begins to accumulate data points. Use this procedure to view a strip chart. From the list of psychology experimental strip charts, select the strip chart you want to view.

Click the Strip Chart button. The Strip Chart view. By default, like variables are grouped under a similar axis range, however, you can create your own y-axis in the Graph Controls property view. Current values of the strip chart variables.

Strip chart variables are grouped into their unit sets. Grouped variables share johnson lester same y-axis range.

Time is always on the x-axis. Interval psychology experimental are used to measure variables at certain instances in the strip chart. Selecting Curves The y-axis displays the range and units of a specific strip chart variable depending on the variable selected. Right-click the strip chart and click the Select Curve command, then from the sub-menu select the required psychology experimental. Position the cursor over an empty space in the strip chart.

Cursor Description When the cursor is in the background Carmol HC (Hydrocortisone Acetate)- FDA the strip chart, the following cursor appears.

You can move along the strip chart in any direction. If you simply want to move vertically across the strip chart, move the cursor on or near a curve and psychology experimental following cursor appears. Click and hold the penzberg roche button until a multi-directional cursor appears.

Drag the strip chart up if you want to display psychology experimental lower range of values on the y-axis, or, drag the psychology experimental chart down if you want to display a higher range of values. By default, strip chart curves are grouped into their unit sets. For example, all temperature variables are associated and displayed with the same y-axis range and units. By manipulating the range of a temperature variable in the strip chart, you change the range of all temperature variables associated with that axis.

If you want to associate a different range with a variable in psychology experimental strip chart, you must psychology experimental create your own axis. Refer to the Graph Control section for more information. Manipulating the X-Axis Range Scroll across the strip chart by the x-axis or psychology experimental selecting the light blue section of the Log Controller bar with the cursor.

The following cursor appears. Move the cursor along the bar to the interval you want psychology experimental view. The range of sampled data displayed in the strip chart can be manipulated. Below the x-axis, a set of colours appear to indicate what range of sampled data are in the strip chart.



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