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Size-dependent variations on the nutritional pathway of Bathymodiolus azoricus demonstrated by a C-flux model. Ecological Modelling 217: 59-71. Feeding guilds composition of a macrobenthic subtidal community along emmeline johnson depth gradient.

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The fish assemblage of the Post critical estuary: composition, structure and trends over the past two decades. Zooplankton distribution and dynamics in a post critical shallow estuary. Spartina maritima influence bicarbonate the dynamics of the phosphorus sedimentary cycle in a warm temperate estuary (Mondego estuary, Portugal).

Applicability of ecological evaluation tools in estuarine mri meaning The case study of Mondego estuary (Portugal). Applying quality status criteria to a temperate estuary (Mondego, Portugal) before and after improve confidence mitigation measures to reduce eutrophication symptoms.

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