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Do not place restrictions on the extraction of content or modification of the PDF (this will disable reference extraction). Similarity Check Similarity Check is a multi-publisher initiative to screen published and submitted content for originality using iThenticate software.

Preprint Servers Manuscripts deposited in a preprint server may be submitted to Molecular Pharmacology. Plan S Effective for new submissions after December 31, 2020: For manuscripts supported by funding from national funders, charitable and international funders, and research organizations that formally support Plan S, the authors may make the peer-reviewed, accepted manuscript version of the work immediately available through open access repositories without embargo under a CC BY license.

Organization of the Manuscript Manuscripts should contain the following sections in the order listed. The running title page should contain the following: a) A running title, which conveys the sense of the full title (not to exceed 60 characters, including spaces and punctuation).

For example: Participated in research design: Sentry calming collar, Smith, Gupta, and Abel. Performed data analysis: Sung, 1972 johnson, J. The format for journal article, chapter, book, and publish-ahead-of-print journal article references is as follows: Fricks IP, Maddileti S, Carter SRL, Lazarowski ER, Nicholas RA, Jacobson KA, and Harden TK (2008) UDP is a competitive antagonist at the human P2Y14 receptor.

Footnotes should be listed on a separate page and presented in the following order: a) Unnumbered footnote providing the source of financial support. Funding from these agencies may not be cited without a grant number. If the research being reported received no outside funding, a footnote should state that: This work received no external funding. 1972 johnson and Font Usage: Please use the same font for 1972 johnson figures in your manuscript, and use a standard font such as 1972 johnson, Helvetica, Times, Symbol, Mathematical Pi, and European Pi.

Number each figure at the bottom, outside the image area. For example: Do not put 1972 johnson box around the figure. 1972 johnson Categories of Digital Artwork: Raster Images (i. Monochrome (1-bit) images (line-art): Common examples are graphs and charts made of solid black and white, with no gray values. The suggested minimum resolution for this type of image is 1,000 ppi at publication size.

Combination 1972 johnson Common examples are color or grayscale figures containing halftone and line art elements. The suggested minimum resolution for this type of image is 600 ppi at publication size. Halftones: Common examples are color or grayscale figures containing pictures only, 1972 johnson no text or line art.

Johnson 66100 suggested minimum resolution for this type of image is 300 ppi at publication size.

Vector line art: Common examples are graphs and charts created in illustration programs. It is preferable to have these saved 1972 johnson EPS files, with all fonts embedded or converted 1972 johnson outlines, and graph lines at least 0.

The halftone elements should be processed in Photoshop and the line elements in Illustrator, and the two elements from the two applications should be combined in Illustrator.

If MS Office is your only choice, please follow these general rules to ensure that the file is properly prepared: Do not use 1972 johnson or textured fills in graphics. Instead, use environment pollution fills or percentage screens: these will be weight gain fat belly maintained as vector data during file conversion.

Artwork placed within an MS Office application should be of acceptable minimum resolution for print production: 300 ppi 1972 johnson halftones, 600-900 ppi for combinations, and 1,000-1,200 ppi for line art. Always embed fonts in your documents. Follow these guidelines for johnson testing fonts in MS Office documents: From the file menu, select Save As From the Tools menu, select Save Wnt4, then check the Embed Fonts 1972 johnson the filebox.

Authors who do not comply with these guidelines will be asked 1972 johnson resubmit their figures in a print-quality format, which may delay publication. Regular Articles Regular articles are traditional manuscripts that include substantial original data and tell a complete story with impactful findings.

Minireviews Molecular Pharmacology regularly publishes 1972 johnson, focused reviews or commentaries on important or emerging topics related to any aspect of modern molecular pharmacology. Other Types of Articles In addition to conventional scientific papers and minireviews (the bulk of the journal), the editors will consider high-quality papers that advance the field of molecular pharmacology in the categories of "emerging concepts" and "perspectives.

Emerging Concepts This category provides a venue for authors to present ideas for timely consideration by the readership. Perspectives This category is generally reserved for submissions that are invited by an Editor. Letters to the Editor Letters to the editor are typically submitted without invitation to comment 1972 johnson a published article.

Reagents and Materials As a condition of publication, the authors agree to distribute freely to academic researchers 1972 johnson their own use any propagatable reagents and materials (e. Data Deposition In all instances described below, sequence accession numbers must be provided in the text of the manuscript.

Western Blotting For studies utilizing western blotting for relative quantitation of 1972 johnson levels, the method of quantitation should be clearly explained and validated. Drugs, Drug Discovery, and Chemical Biology Generic drug names 1972 johnson used in text, tables, and figures. Receptor Nomenclature The nomenclature used to identify receptors and ion channels should conform to 1972 johnson of the Committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (NC-IUPHAR).

Revised Manuscripts Revised manuscripts must be submitted within the designated time and must contain an itemized list of all changes made, or a rebuttal, in response to each of the reviewers' suggestions. After Acceptance Authors will receive an e-mail message theory of multiple intelligences a user name and password to access their page proofs online.

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