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Simultaneous estimation of thin film thickness and optical properties using two-stage optimization. Journal of Global Optimization 54 (3)583-597. The polyhedral off-line robust model predictive control strategy for uncertain polytopic discrete-time systems. IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline) 8 (PART 1)655-660. MPC for LPV systems using perturbation on control input strategy. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 31350-354. An containing robust MPC algorithm for uncertain polytopic discrete-time systems using polyhedral invariant sets.

Journal of Process Control 22 (6)975-983. Pregnant com Journal without carbs (2)61-72. An ellipsoidal off-line without carbs predictive control strategy for linear parameter varying systems with applications in chemical processes. Systems and Control Letters 61 (3)435-442. Efficient constraint handling scheme for differential evolutionary algorithm in solving chemical engineering optimization problem.

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A methodology for environmentally benign process design under uncertainty. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 15 (C)870-875. Scientific reports, 9 (1), 1-9 Without carbs Centimeter-Long V2O5 Nanofibers on Carbon Cloth as Cathode Material for Zinc-Ion Batteries.

Energies, 13 (1), 31 Zinc-iodine and Zinc-ion batteries Zinc-based battery systemsZinc-air batteriesZinc-iodine batteriesZinc-ion batteriesResearch GroupsControl and Systems Engineering Research Laboratory Publications NewPage 1Page without carbs 3Page 4Page 5 Radenahmad, N. Scientific Reports 15107 Soraya Hosseini, Ali Abbasi, Luc-Olivier Uginet, Nicolas Haustraete, Supareak Praserthdam, Tetsu Yonezawa, Soorathep Kheawhom The Influence of Dimethyl Sulfoxide as Electrolyte Additive on Anodic Dissolution of Alkaline Zinc-Air Flow Battery.

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Improving the performance of robust MPC using dafalgan forte perturbation on control input strategy based on nominal performance cost. Procedia Engineering 421027-1037. A polyhedral off-line without carbs MPC strategy for uncertain polytopic discrete-time systems. Engineering Journal 16 (4)73-89. Modified genetic algorithm with sampling techniques for glange engineering optimization.

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 15 (1)110-118. Decision support tools for process design and without carbs. Computer Aided Chemical Without carbs 9 (C)1023-1028.

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