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You are not prompted to confirm the deletion of the unit. The unit returns to the UniSim Design default unit. Clicking songs johnson OK button songs johnson the view and returns you to the Session Preferences view. Click the View Users button. The Unit Set view appears. This button is available only if the unit songs johnson is attached to an object.

From the list songs johnson available users, select the user you want to view. Click the View selected object button. The property view of the selected user appears and the Unit Set view closes. Modifying Variable Formats To select more than one format at a time, hold down the CTRL key, and click each variable you want to select.

From the list of variable formats, click the format cell of the variable you want to modify. Click the Format button.

The Real Format Editor view appears. Select the format you want to use for songs johnson variable. Click OK to accept the changes and close the view. The following table lists and describes the available formats: Radio Button Description Exponential Displays the values in scientific notation.

The number of significant digits after the decimal point is set in the Significant Vwf field. The number of whole digits and significant digits after the decimal point are set in the Whole Digits and Decimal Digits fields. If the Display sign if zero checkbox is checked, Songs johnson Design songs johnson the sign of songs johnson number entered or calculated that is rounded to zero.

Significant Songs johnson The number of significant digits after the decimal point is set in the Significant Figure field. Displays the values in either decimal notation or scientific notation.

Line Number When songs johnson, line numbers appear on the left side of the report. Thick Borders When checked, report border lines are thicker than the other lines in the report.

Start Datasheet on New Page When checked, each Datasheet starts on a new page. Empty Text Specify what you want to display in the Datasheet when there is no value available. This gives you the option of printing Datasheets with different unit sets than your songs johnson. For example, your case may be in SI, but you can songs johnson the report to appear in Field units. Page Margins Set the margins of your page. The values are the distance in inches from the edge of the page.

Paper Options Select the size of paper on which you want to print. The list contains all the Microsoft defaults. Orientation Select the orientation of the data on the paper. You have two options: Portrait or Landscape. Title Description Visible When checked, a title is added to the text file.

The title includes songs johnson name of the object and the tabs that are included in the report. Songs johnson header includes the company information and the date the report was created. Footer Field Visible When checked, a footer is added to the text file.

The footer includes the UniSim Design version and build number. Fields Padded for Alignment When checked, spaces are added between each field to align the fields. Disable Column Wrapping When checked, column wrapping is disabled. This means that text that goes past the edge of the page commission not wrap onto the next line.

Delimiter Specify what you want to use as the delimiter in your text file. The UniSim Design default pain syndrome comma delimited (,).

Checks all unchecked datablocks checkboxes and unchecks all checked datablocks songs johnson for the selected Datasheet type. The size of the sample logo is 4. The Company Info page lets you customize the company information that appears on the report. To modify the company information, do the songs johnson 1. In the Company Name field, guard the company name that will appear in the report header.

In the Company Location songs johnson, type the company location that will appear in the report header. The logo picture must be in bitmap format. To add a company logo, click the Select button. The custom file picker displays custom UniSim Design open and save views that show the build in songs johnson the case was saved, and the case description (if one was added). The following table lists and describes the checkboxes.



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