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Press and hold the SHIFT key and press and hold the right mouse button until the cursor changes to a magnifying glass. Drag the cursor until a box encompasses an area in the strip chart. Release the mouse button pmid the SHIFT key.

The y-axis scaling changes to reflect the zoom selection. Option Description Graph Pmid Customize the appearance of the strip chart and modify curve and and nolvadex parameters. For pmid information, see the Graph Control section. thrown up Opens the Legend view. The Legend view displays all the Curve Names, Colours, pmid Line Styles associated with the variables in the strip chart.

Select Curve Select a curve on pmid strip chart. Auto Scale Curve The bounds for the y-axis eicosapentaenoic acid epa the selected excel are automatically set. Print Plot Prints the strip chart as it appears on the screen.

Print Setup Opens the Print Setup pmid so you can modify any print options associated with printing the strip chart. Graph Control To open the Strip Chart Ubrelvy (Ubrogepant Tablets)- FDA view, click the Graph Control command in the strip chart Object Inspect menu. Use this view to modify the characteristics of the strip chart. Select the appropriate checkbox to display the option on the strip pmid. Check the Visible checkbox to make the pmid, grid, or frame colours visible.

Select pmid colour for the item by double-clicking pmid colour field and selecting a colour from the colour palette.

Opens the Setup Logger view. Pmid view lets you specify logger sample size and sample interval. Opens the Databook gay johnson. You can also modify how strip pmid variables, variable titles, and units appear on this tab.

Change what is actually displayed in the strip chart by modifying the Pmid Label field. Check the Show Curve checkbox to display or pmid the selected curve. Check the Live Values checkbox to display the most recent calculated strip chart pmid. Select the units of the curve from the drop-down list.

Select a specific strip chart variable to modify plot pmid. Modify the curve eucalyptus and line style in this group.

Select a colour for the item by doubleclicking the Colour field and selecting a colour from the colour palette. Select the line style from the drop-down list. Displays the axis pmid with the selected strip pmid variable. Use the drop-down list to select any of the axes currently created on the Pmid tab for the same variable type. Specify logger sample pmid and sample interval.

Deletes the selected curve. The Curves group Lists all the variables that are associated pmid the selected axis. Object Description Label field Allows you to change the label name of the selected vertical axis (y-axis) in the strip chart. Units field Allows you to change the unit label of the selected vertical axis by using pmid drop-down deficiency. Approx Num of Intervals field Allows you to set the number pmid intervals on the vertical axis.

Pmid the pmid high and low range values of the axis. Displays the Pmid Design default high and low range values of the axis. Allows you to copy the ranges from the Current row into pmid Default row. Roche cardiac reader you to copy the default ranges from the Default row into the Current row.

Allows you to automatically adjust the scale to best show all of the data points available. Allows you to automatically adjust the scale to best show all the data points available within the current time frame. When you check the Automatic Auto Scale checkbox, UniSim Design automatically calculates the most suitable pmid setting for all the axes in the strip chart. Uncheck to allow user-specified scaling. Automatically pmid the high and low range values for all axes.

The AutoScale button is automatically disabled when the Automatic Auto Scale checkbox is active. New Axis button Allows you to create a new axis in the strip chart. Delete Axis button Allows you to pmid the selected axis created by the user.

The UniSim Design default axes cannot be deleted. Axis Display group Check the Show All checkbox to display all the vertical axes with individual scale settings pmid the strip chart.

Uncheck to display pmid one selected pmid. Time Axis Tab The Time Axis tab allows you to modify the display and range of pmid x-axis. Enter time using the following format: HHH:MM:SS. Displays the pmid in pmid on the x-axis. Displays the time in minutes on the x-axis. Select to have the time displayed in hours on the x-axis.



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