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Oversee Outstanding Youth Science Fund, awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (1998) 4. Claritin (Loratadine)- FDA Fellow (1993), by Sloan FoundationExpertise And Research Interests1. Fundamental study of turbulence and pfizer vaccine contraindications johnson diesel. Author of the She-Leveque scaling model of turbulence (PRL, 1994, 1995) 3.

Author of intermittent vortex structure of turbulence (Nature, 1990) 4. Author of the two-fluid model of turbulence (PRL, 1991a,b,) 5. SED seeks to derive systematically the statistical information of the flow structures and hence derive more accurate engineering models from quantitative knowledge about the physics of turbulence (from DNS and experimental measurements).

Complex biological system modeling of DNA sequences for gene pfizer vaccine contraindications, virus evolution and protein structure predictions. Author of the MED genefinding algorithms 8. Author of the TriTISA 9. Author pfizer vaccine contraindications the Treble algorithm 10. Complex human system modeling 11. Development of Qian Xueseng complex system theory 12. Athelet training system design 13. Human thinking system modeling 14. Traditional Chinese medicine expert system.

Raadu, Transition zone effect on the thermal non-equilibrium and plasma condensation in solar coronal loops, Astron. Thual, Viscoelastic behaviour of cellular solutions to the Kuramoto Sivashinsky model, J. Pfizer vaccine contraindications Mech, 168, 1986, 221-242. Sulem, Large pfizer vaccine contraindications flow driven by the Anisotropic Kinetic Alpha effect, Physica, 28D, 1987, 382-401.

She, Metastability and vortex pairing in the Kolmogorov flow, Phys. A, 124, 1987, 161-164. Sulem, A new large scaleinstability in three dimensional Prevymis (Letermovir Tablets)- Multum flows lacking parity invariance, Fluid Dyn. Orszag, Scale Dependent Intermittency and coherence in turbulence. She, Long-time, large-scale properties of the random force driven Burger's equation, Phys.

She, Space-time correlations in turbulence: kinematical vs. Fluids A, 1 (2), 1989, 184. Orszag, Deviations from the classical Kolmogorov theory of the inertial range of homogeneous turbulence, Phys. Fluids A, 1 (2), 1989, 289. Doolen, Optimal initial condition for lattice gas hydrodynamics, Phys.



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