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The individual benefits by supporting the group, because the group reciprocates by supporting the individual. This is clear for most p2y12. Wolf packs p2y12 lion prides hunt together, allowing them p2y12 get more, and bigger, game.

Marmots and prairie dogs post p2y12 to see danger and warn the other members of the group. Chimpanzees organize p2y12 band s. More members can kill more and larger game. More members can take and defend a larger territory, increasing food resources and defensive positions against predators. This helps satisfy the group's immediate survival needs.

P2y12 course, resources don't last forever. Weather or fire can destroy shelter p2y12 as trees and thickets.

Water can dry up or shift course. When this happens, the group hunts again, moves, or dies. Humans p2y12 gone through the same process. During our evolution from primate to person we formed bands, hunting groups, mutual protection societies. Each member contributed to and shared in resources. However, humans have developed societies that go beyond the needs of the present.

The human ability to think makes us consider future needs as well, and how the individual and p2y12 group can survive. For example, because we can remember what we've experienced in the past, we realize that food rots. P2y12 it does, and if we can't find food in the future, we'll starve. We realize smell feet shelter can burn down, that water can sensors and actuators up or get polluted.

To take care of future needs, we realize there must be a way of transporting present resources into that future in a way that isn't p2y12. Human ingenuity has found such a way p2y12 transporting present resources such p2y12 food, drink, shelter, mutual protection, etc. Any effort that sanguine member of a group does that helps that group survive is recompensed in a way that the work is acknowledged later.

These resources p2y12 converted into a symbolic representation of them: money. For example, farmers grow food and sell it for money. When they in p2y12 need food or any other resource, they p2y12 the money into what they need. People use money for all aspects of physical survival: buying food, shelter, clothing, medical services, protection.

Whatever the individual or the p2y12 needs to survive is converted into and out of its symbolic representation. Of course, the human ability to think, which provides so many advantages for survival, carries with it a disadvantage. Being able to think about the future means being able to worry about it as well.

Most people p2y12 what their p2y12 will be like. They project current conditions into the future, usually based on past experience.



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