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Check the boxes to indicate that you have read and agree with the 5 required statements regarding PLOS Editorial and Publishing Policies: Specify if any of medical words authors are employees of the US Government.

If accepted, the article will use a CC0 license. Describe the sources of funding that supported the work, if any, and indicate whether they played a role at any point in the research or publication mucinex dm. To draft the statement, consult the disclosure of funding sources policy and follow the in-system instructions.

This information will appear in the published article, if accepted. Ensure it is detailed and accurate. Declare any author affiliations or relationships that could be viewed as potential competing interests. To draft the statement, consult the competing interests policy and follow medical words in-system instructions.

Make sure this information exactly matches the ethics statement included in the manuscript and that it fulfills our medical words requirements for human subjects research and animal research.

We will evaluate your ethics statement to ensure that it meets our standards. Include as much information as possible. Medical words that the figures comply with Phendimetrazine Tartrate (Phendimetrazine Tartrate)- FDA image preparation guidelines, including those on image manipulation. If any of the images included in the submission fall under copyright or were adapted from images under copyright, provide the following additional details:State whether any of the elements in the manuscript have been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere.

If yes, it is very important medical words provide full details in the event that the journal needs to consider copyright issues. If you are submitting in response to a call for papers in a specific topic area, enter the title of the call medical words the space provided.

Read more about current calls for papers. Recommend 2-5 Academic Editors from the Editorial Board who you think are qualified to handle the medical words. If the paper describes a new taxon, provide its name. Be medical words that the manuscript includes the required nomenclature and identification details.

Use the following guidance to construct your Data Availability statement. This information will appear in the article if accepted. Follow the in-system instructions to specify how payment will be handled if the manuscript is accepted for publication.

If you have any questions, email the author billing department. Editors and reviewers have no access to payment medical words, therefore your ability to pay does not influence the decision to publish. Specify whether your manuscript is currently medical words on a preprint server. If so, provide the DOI or identifier. If your author list includes a group author or consortium, provide the name here.

Enter any comments that you would like to send to the medical words office. These comments will not be visible to Editors or reviewers or appear in the published article if accepted. If medical words manuscript has been returned to you with a request for corrections or clarifying information (e. Editorial Manager will extract details from the manuscript to gather the following information.

Ensure authors are listed in the same order medical words in the manuscript. Do not list group authors here. Provide the names of group authors and consortia in the manuscript and in the group author question on the Additional Information screen. The submitting author is automatically added to the author list and given the role of corresponding author in the submission system. If this medical words will not be available for an extended period of time, email PLOS ONE.

You can designate different corresponding authors on the manuscript who will receive post-publication correspondence if the submission is accepted. Read more about designating corresponding authors and medical words author responsibilities.

When you supply all requested information, click Build PDF for Approval on the final screen.



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