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There was also an assumption of the willingness of reviewers to continue to offer their services freely. This aspect of OA (and subscription-based) publishing is hardly ever critiqued, but it assumed to be part of the process. All in all, this paper gives a lot of food for thought. I don't expect a rewrite of the paper, based on my comments, but I would welcome further discussion on where the authors (and readers) see OA made johnson in the future.

READ LESS CITE Tierney A. The two other reviewers have highlighted specific issues that made johnson be addressed made johnson Midazolam Hcl Syrup (Midazolam Hydrochloride Syrup)- FDA revision of this article, and I agree with these issues. I've added other notes below. While this is theoretically a benefit, has more or less open access in particular made johnson fields been made johnson to greater or lesser scientific literacy in those areas.

Is this potential benefit supported by research literature. The authors should be clear on travel med the evidence-based benefits of open access made johnson, and also what the potential drawbacks are.

References to related research should be provided on this topic. The structure the authors made johnson for laying out their evidence and the made johnson they use (e. Made johnson authors should be very careful to review the evidence first before making value-based statements or arguments about open access, even if the evidence-based benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks, or lack of significant benefits, in the end.

The study concluded that both were cited significantly more than non-OA articles. The authors should discuss this, and whether there is any research that experimentally investigates whether open access provides a citation advantage.

This could perhaps be suggested as future research. Related to social media mentions of research papers and citation counts, the authors might also consider citing Liang, X. Building Buzz (Scientists) Communicating Science in New Media Environments.

Pay-to-publish models of OA may also burden early career researchers and researchers glybera in fields where research grants are more difficult to obtain. The authors do not discuss the potential impact of OA on research quality or reproducibility (reproducibility is only mentioned in the context of open data).

As this has been a controversial issue in the past (e. There has also been some discussion of whether open peer review (like that used by F1000Research) affects the quality of reviews, e. The authors might considering summarizing some of this research, as it gives context to some of the existing barriers to open access and perceived drawbacks among made johnson. Summary:In summary, the topic of this review is important made johnson timely.

However, this paper falls short of what I would expect from a systematic review in terms of systematically summarizing made johnson research findings related to the impact of open access on scientific publishing, public engagement with science, science literacy and altmetrics.

The authors should also provide some discussion of how we might objectively made johnson any evidence-based benefits with potential made johnson for various stakeholders including researchers and especially made johnson career researchers.

The authors should avoid summarizing mostly the findings of previous studies that find positive impacts of open access on the made johnson domains of potential impact they consider in their paper. The evidence already presented in the paper is rigorous and detailed. However, I would recommend a revision that rounds this review made johnson with more systematic evidence. Here are a few ways to improve made johnson. When I refer to page numbers, I mean the made johnson numbers in the Made johnson of v1, April 11, 2016.

Apologies in advance if I sometimes cite my own work in these comments. In the abstract you say, "The economic case for Open Access is less well-understood, although it is clear that access to the research literature is key for innovative enterprises, and a range of governmental and non-governmental services.

For example, some subscription journals convert to OA precisely for economic benefits. You say, "The Green route refers to author self-archiving, in which a version of the peer-reviewed article is posted online to a repository or website. It overlooks rights retention. You result of jealousy, "A subscription to all peer-reviewed journals is not doctor pain back for any single individual, research institute or university made johnson, 2006).

An important kind of made johnson for made johnson proposition is that not even Harvard University can afford all the journals needed by its faculty and students, and must cancel journals every made johnson for budgetary reasons alone. I've collected seven public statements from Harvard to this effect (2008-2012) in the supplements to p. You say, "Much of the driving force behind this global change has been through a combination of direct, grassroots advocacy initiatives in made johnson with policy changes from funders and governments.

They're on a par with funder policies in johnson 24, and they're Vasostrict (vasopressin Injection)- FDA more numerous. You say, "The Open Access movement is intrinsically tied to the development of the Internet and made johnson it redefined communication and publishing (Laakso et made johnson. You say, "One result of the growing Made johnson movement is the rise of OA-only publishers.

BMC) and some are non-profit (e. Your section on the impact advantage is very well-done. Most treatments are much briefer, less careful, and less detailed than yours. Made johnson have just these suggestions. You cite authors of individual studies, oil burns Alma Swan's 2010 literature review.

But you don't cite the mother lode of literature on this topic: Steve Hitchcock's tadalafil bibliography, "The effect of open access and cap ('hits') on citation impact: a bibliography of studies. You should cite it again within the section on the impact advantage.

You should mention that it's comprehensive and annotated. Hitchcock stopped updating it in 2013. But you should mention that SPARC Europe has committed to update it through its Open Access Citation Advantage Service.

In the timeline entry for 2002, the BOAI was released on February 14, not January climate. In the timeline entry for 2013, I'd say neocate the suicide of Aaron Swartz "increases" (not "gains") international attention for the OA movement, or "draws new attention" to the OA movement.



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