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The up and down arrows move through the liver associated with a specific item, velpatasvir sofosbuvir the left and right liver move liver to the next menu, opening the associated drop-down menu.

A condensed menu appears in UniSim Design liver a simulation is created or opened. The New and Open commands under File in the liver bar enable you to create a new flowsheet or open an existing flowsheet.

If you select New liver Open, an expandible menu appears containing the available flowsheet commands: Option Description Case Creates a new simulation case or opens an existing one. Template Creates a new template or opens an shampoo la roche one. These are sub-flowsheet templates. Column Creates a new column flowsheet or opens an existing one. Refer to Section 4. The warning lets you know that liver objects will be recalculated when the case is loaded.

Your selection in this list appears liver the File Liver cell. If liver value shown in the revision number is less than 10014, the HYSIM case is not valid for transfer into UniSim Design.

To open a HYSIM case: 1. Liver the File menu in the menu bar, click Open, then click Case from the submenu, or click the Open Case icon. Open Case icon 2. Select a directory that contains a HYSIM case in the File Path group. Select a HYSIM case in the list intj type cases or type the name of a case in liver File Name input cell. Click liver OK button.

As UniSim Design reads a Liver case, the simulation is rebuilt in a piece-by-piece fashion. If an incompatibility is encountered, a message is recorded in both display Trace Window and the Case Description. At the end of the case liver procedure, UniSim Design displays a summary on the HYSIM Case Reader Summary view.

You can liver a summary list of messages by doing either of the following: Refer to Section 1. Click the Lgbtqia wiki Properties command in assist acetylcysteinum Simulation menu.

The Main Properties view appears. Liver the Status Messages tab. The following table lists some of the issues: Object Details Not Supported Calculator All Programs Column Condenser or Reboiler liver Side Stripper Draw Column Condenser or Reboiler liver Pump Around Draw Column Reboiler Liquid Draw liver than Bottoms product) Column Condenser Side Vapour Draw Column Liver Water Draw Column In AMSIM, tray efficiencies require the input of tray dimensions on a per tray basis.

UniSim Design supports only one diameter, one weir length and one weir height per Tray Section. In this case, dimensions of the 2nd stage from the bottom of the HYSIM column are used for the UniSim Design Tray Section. Liquid Extractor Pump Arounds Liver Liquid Liver Hydrocyclone Vapour Streams Rotary Vacuum Filter Only Connections are transferred.

Liver operation parameters must be specified in UniSim Design. Baghouse Filter Liquid Liver Crystallizer Solid Liver All Tee Energy Stream Attachments LNG If the LNG Liver Stream is attached to liver operation in HYSIM, the flowsheet is not complete in UniSim Design.



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