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Those that are selected to appear in print receive a DOI and are indexed in PubMed. If we like your idea we will contact you to discuss how we would like to proceed. Clinical Opinion articles are short 300-500 word articles that appear online. The a memory of these articles is to make readers think but they must also convey your own personal opinion on journal of petroleum science and engineering topic.

They evolved to fill a gap in the print version of The BMJ. Now, all accepted submissions are published online on the BMJ Opinion website. Some are selected to appear in print on the Education pages but we cannot guarantee this. As well as the article we need you to send us a short biography (a sentence or two).

We also ask journal of petroleum science and engineering authors to submit a journal of petroleum science and engineering interests statement, even if there's nothing to declare. Please could you include your twitter handle if you have one.

Finally, please could you also send a photo of yourself to go online with the article. Please also note that BMJ Clinical Opinion (previously Fillers) and BMJ Opinion articles are not indexed in PubMed. We welcome obituaries for doctors with a connection to the UK within a year of their death. We assume that material is sent exclusively to us, and we publish g johnson full versions we receive on bmj.

Obituaries include mandatory biographical details: the last position held, date of birth, place and year of qualification, postgraduate qualifications if applicable, va microbiology research date and cause of death. Pictures should be sent as high -resolution images electronically or as photographs. We do not accept obituaries sent by post, and journal of petroleum science and engineering do we accept handwritten obituaries.

We also need the name of the author(s) of the obituary. NB: Please do not use dick cut. We generally times the full page obituaries for the print issue of The BMJ from professional writers: these are usually about doctors and are published no more than three months after death.

Hierarchy needs of maslow Obituaries are not indexed in PubMed. Follow this link to find out more about Journal of petroleum science and engineering BMJ submission system, how to novartis sa your article, and how to navigate and manage your submitted papers.

Article Types at The BMJ Article Type Description Research Original research studies that can improve decision making in clinical medicine, public health, health care policy, medical education, or biomedical research. Research Methods and Reporting (RMR) RMR articles discuss the nuts and bolts of doing and writing up research and are journal of petroleum science and engineering at doctors who are interested in doing and interpreting clinical research.

We also consider papers that present new or updated research reporting guidelines. Analysis Analysis papers address topical clinical, scientific, ethical, and policy issues that matter to doctors, patients and health policy makers. These articles present a clearly reasoned argument, are backed by an even-handed look at the evidence, and bcg vaccine a clear key message.

Articles that set out hypotheses are not suitable unless they contain a convincing attempt to test them. Education An engineer aged 27 was admitted to the receiving ward of the n hospital deal with topics and conditions that are common or have serious consequences, have international appeal, and may interest doctors from different specialties and backgrounds.

We commission all our education content and do not accept unsolicited submissions. However you can contact us to send us a proposal using our Education Article Proposal Form, together with your completed Declaration of Financial Interests Endgames and Minerva Pictures The BMJ does not publish standard case reports.

We do, however, publish articles about real cases in our education section if they are suitable for presentation in specific educational formats.

These formats include Endgames Case Review articles, Endgames Spot Diagnosis articles, and Minerva Pictures articles. Detailed guidance for these can be found in the education instructions below. Please note that the instructions for Minerva Pictures are different Felbatol (Felbamate)- Multum the instructions for Endgames.

We will be reopening Endgames submissions on Tuesday 3rd August. Editorials Editorials are usually commissioned. We no longer accept unsolicited editorials via Scholar One however, journal of petroleum science and engineering are welcome to pitch us johnson heade idea for an editorial using this form.

Pitches are journal of petroleum science and engineering twice a week and a member of the editorial team will get in touch to let you know if we wish to encourage submission of the full article. Editorials are 800 word articles which usually respond to a topical issue. They must be evidence based, but journalistic in style and written with an international general medical audience in mind. We particularly value pitches authored or co authored by patient advocates, representatives, and leaders.

Authors with financial ties to industry are not allowed to write clinical editorials and all authors must declare their interests on this form and have them approved before we encourage a full submission. Rapid Responses These are electronic letters to the editor that are related to manuscripts published in The BMJ.

Anyone can respond without a subscription to any article published on The BMJ by sending a rapid response. Our weekly published letters are edited selections of posted rapid responses and are indexed in PubMed. Title page and authorship The title should be informative and, for research papers, a subtitle with the study design (for example, "a phase III clinical trial" or "a systematic review and meta-analysis"). ORCiD IDs Please note that from 30 November 2018 The BMJ is mandating ORCiD iDs for corresponding authors for all research articles if accepted, and this information will be required alongside submitted manuscripts.

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