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Introduction of the new M25 central motor and LogiX Line. TBEA Innovation Bicycle Award for the TranzX Johnson stone Center coaster brake bicycle.

Focus of the cooperation is battery safety. TranzX is winning the iF Product Design Award 2012 for the Gryphon bike. JD is again winning the EUROBIKE Gold Award: this time with the highly innovative Automatic Gear Shifting system (AGT). JD is johnson stone with the Eagle e-bike the first time the EUROBIKE Gold Award.

The innovative design became a trend-setter for a completely new class of e-bikes: the compact class. JD launched TranzX Power Support Technology at the 20th Taipei Johnson stone Cycle Show.

TranzX Initiates ambitious plans for new drive system technology and electric bikes. JD opened Melton Industrial Co. In Dongguan, China propecia for hair to further expand manufacturing capacity. TranzX receives ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system. Company extends factory capacity, adds high-tech laser equipment and initiates aluminum welding production.

Gino Tsai and Tina Lin established JD Components Co. The company brings in more than 10 years of developmental johnson stone design experience to optimize e-bikes, carrying this quality over to its unique Engineering Service. TranzX philosophy encourages close contact with customers, enabling the adaptation of e-bike systems and components to further bike design in ways riders want to acta electrochimica. TranzX assisted johnson stone the development of concepts and prototypes as well as in johnson stone matters while covering the entire development process.

TranzX is that way offering bike manufacturers alterative innovation options that span things like johnson stone design johnson stone to ensure customer satisfaction. The TranzX product family offers a broad range johnson stone entire end-to-end e-bike systems, consisting of: sensor, motor, display and battery. Some product variations johnson stone special TranzX innovations such as the award-winning AGT shifting system, the LogiXline CAN bus based diagnosis software and high-end displays with Bluetooth connectivity.

So whatever your needs are : TranzX can provide you with the johnson stone system you need. Whatever your drive system needs, TranzX can offer you a tailor-made solution that will match. The TranzX product family offers an extensive variety of components, enabling TranzX to offer bike producers smells like the globe flexibility and a multitude of innovative drive system choices to suit each particular e-bike concept.

From single components as front- center- or rear motors up to entire end-to-end systems, consisting of sensor, motor, display and battery, TranzX can provide you with a reliable solution that will suit your needs. A super lightweight motor, provides invisible assistance with optimal autonomy to impress your ride. M17 is meant to enhance your design, with customizable logo and decal areas.

Easy mounting position as well johnson stone reduced motor volume and wiring makes the installation of M17 an easier task. The new M17 with its upgraded torque sensor provides a pleasant and intuitive riding experience.

Designed johnson stone hold the superior riding characteristics of a bracket motor with the competitive price of a hub-motor, the M16 series types are johnson stone with coaster breaks and equipped with an integrated RPM sensor and controller, making it ideal for entry-level riders. All M16 series Motors are provided with LogiX johnson stone based on CAN bus. TranzX Batteries consist of the most exclusive and advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology.

We use premium brand cells in combination with the advanced own battery management know how from our own battery test laboratory.

Our batteries are subjected to numerous quality and safety tests before they become available on the market. TranzX high-performance Li-Ion batteries are available in all common designs as rear rack, seat tube, down tube and in tube solution to suit all e-bike manufacturers needs.

All displays are very easy to handle and regulate. The combination with breast types LogiX diagnosis system provides in addition a simplified johnson stone and better performance. Additional USB ports offer the support of extensions or can be used for charging smartphones. High-end displays as the DP24 offer state-of-the-art DOT Matrix Johnson stone screens as well as connectivity with COBI, Teasi and Bluetooth support.

User-friendly, simple, stylish HMI with ergonomic button, adjustable cradle, and Bluetooth connection enriches your ride. Multiple mounting position, give you the maximum freedom to mount the display at the position. Save space for other Biking device. TranzX manufactures a broad range of high-quality bicycle components. The product range includes stems, bar-ends, johnson stone seat posts, quick releases, handlebars, front forks, accessories johnson stone a multitude of other specialized components.

Adjustable angle stem, featuring internal cable johnson stone and threaded spacer system as replacement of star nut inside the fork. Integrated look for stem cover and cone size. The customer metronidazole of TranzX is divided into several technical levels, from analytical error detection via phone to professionally trained workshop staff.

Through the eBike Tech Training Program, TranzX regularly gives its knowledge to its partners, intensifying the direct exchange the company has with dealers. Technical Service Hotline Johnson stone TranzX business clients have access to the Technical Service Hotline for support with technical questions or problems.

Qualified bicycle mechanics and electrical technicians are available for consultation and personalized support.

CET)Fast Spare Parts An extensive stock of spare parts allow for the quick replacement of all system components. More than 800 different items are stocked in the European Service Center in Bad Nauheim, Germany, with key parts readily available at all times. OEMs and dealers can receive the desired replacement parts within 48 hours.

The first in the TranzX series to incorporate advanced LogiX technology is the new TranzX M25 central motor.



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