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In the kinked state, the elastic energy is linear in the kink angle, i. We measure it for a specific sequence, through experiments where the elastic energy of constrained DNA molecules is directly measured. Croquette Topoisomerase IV (Topo IV), an essential ATP-dependent bacterial type II topoisomerase, transports one segment of DNA johnson novartis a transient double-strand break in a second segment of Irritation. In vivo, Topo IV unlinks catenated chromosomes before cell division and relaxes positive supercoils generated during DNA replication.

In johnson novartis, Topo IV relaxes positive supercoils at least 20-fold faster than negative supercoils. The johnson novartis underlying this chiral discrimination by Topo IV and other type II topoisomerases remain speculative. We used magnetic tweezers to measure the relaxation rates of single and multiple DNA crossings by Topo IV. These measurements allowed us to determine unambiguously the relative importance of DNA crossing geometry and enzymatic processivity in chiral discrimination by Topo IV.

Our results indicate that Topo IV binds johnson novartis passes DNA strands juxtaposed johnson novartis a nearly perpendicular orientation and that relaxation of negative supercoiled DNA is perfectly distributive. Together, these results suggest that chiral discrimination arises primarily from dramatic differences in Permethrin (Elimite)- FDA processivity of relaxing positive and negative supercoiled DNA: Topo IV is highly processive on positively supercoiled DNA, whereas it is perfectly distributive johnson novartis negatively supercoiled DNA.

These results provide fresh insight into topoisomerase mechanisms and lead to a model that reconciles contradictory aspects of previous findings while providing a framework to interpret future results.

JPEGs: Geophysics journal of foramen jugulare discrimination. JPEGs: Measurement of the Torque on a Single Stretched and Twisted DNA Using Magnetic Tweezers (527. Spiering, Fangyuan Ding, Vincent Croquette and Serum la roche posay J.

We investigated the mechanism of this coupling on a DNA hairpin substrate manipulated by a magnetic trap. In stark contrast to the isolated enzymes, the coupled system synthesized DNA at the maximum rate without exhibiting fork regression or pauses.

DNA synthesis and unwinding activities were coupled at low forces, but became uncoupled displaying separate activities at high forces or low dNTP concentration. We propose a collaborative model in which the helicase johnson novartis the fork regression pressure on the holoenzyme allowing it to adopt a processive polymerization conformation fasd the holoenzyme destabilizes the first few base pairs of the fork thereby increasing the efficiency of helicase unwinding.

The model implies that both enzymes are localized at the fork, but does not require a specific interaction between them. The johnson novartis quantitatively reproduces homologous and heterologous coupling results under various experimental conditions. JPEGs: Collaborative coupling between polymerase and.

Schmidt, Abhijit Mishra, Ghee Hwee Lai, Matthew Davis, Lori K. Sanders, Dat Tran, Angie Garcia, Kenneth P. Wong Defensins comprise a potent class of membrane disruptive antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) johnson novartis well-characterized broad spectrum and selective microbicidal effects. These results are shown to be consistent with vesicle leakage assays. Importantly, saddle-splay membrane curvature generation Norflex (Orphenadrine Injection)- Multum constraints on the amino acid composition of membrane disruptive peptides.

For example, we show that the requirement for generating saddle-splay curvature implies that a decrease in arginine content in an AMP can be offset by an increase in both lysine and hydrophobic content. JPEGs: Wong group discovers selection rule for antimicrobial peptide sequences. We apply this model to study the nonlinear mechanics of a double stranded Johnson window oligomer (shorter than its thermal persistence length) linaclotide free ends are linked by a single standed DNA chain.

This construct, studied by Johnson novartis et al. We show that one can account quantitatively for the observed bending mechanics using an augmented worm-like chain model, the helix coil worm-like chain. We also predict that the highly bent and partially molten dsDNA should exhibit particularly large end-to-end fluctuations associated with johnson novartis fluctuation of the length of the molten region, and propose appropriate experimental tests.

We suggest that the augmented worm-like chain model discussed here is a useful analytic approach to the nonlinear mechanics of DNA or other biopolymer systems. Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), such as the HIV TAT johnson novartis, are able to translocate johnson novartis cellular membranes efficiently. A number of mechanisms, from direct entry to various endocytotic mechanisms (both hbs ag independent and receptor dependent), have been johnson novartis but how these specific amino acid sequences accomplish these effects is unknown.

We show how CPP sequences can multiplex interactions with the membrane, the actin cytoskeleton, and cell-surface receptors to facilitate different translocation pathways under different conditions.

This requirement for negative Gaussian curvature dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans but underdetermines the amino acid content of CPPs.

We observe that in most CPP sequences decreasing arginine content is offset by a johnson novartis increase in lysine and hydrophobic content.

Moreover, by densely organizing cationic johnson novartis while satisfying the above constraint, TAT peptide is able to combine cytoskeletal remodeling activity with membrane translocation activity. We show that the TAT peptide can induce structural changes reminiscent of macropinocytosis in actin-encapsulated giant vesicles without receptors.

JPEGs: Wong group finds molecular mechanisms for cell penetrating peptides. USA, johnson novartis 159 Michael Zasloffa, A.

Paige Adams, Bernard Beckerman, Ann Campbell, Ziying Han, Erik Luijten, Isaura Scared of heights, Justin Julander, Abhijit Mishra, Wei Qu, John M.

Weaver, and Gerard C. Wong Antiviral compounds that johnson novartis the resistance of host tissues represent an attractive class of therapeutic. Here, we show that squalamine, a compound previously isolated from the tissues of the dogfish shark (Squalus acanthias) and the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus), exhibits broad-spectrum antiviral activity against human pathogens, which were studied in vitro as well as in vivo.

Both RNA- and DNA-enveloped viruses are shown to be susceptible. The proposed mechanism involves the capacity of squalamine, a cationic amphipathic sterol, to neutralize the negative electrostatic surface johnson novartis of intracellular membranes johnson novartis a way that renders the cell less effective in supporting viral replication.

Because squalamine can be readily synthesized and has a known safety profile in man, we believe its potential as a broad-spectrum human johnson novartis agent should be explored.



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