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The submitting author is often a corresponding author, but this is not required. Any non-Latin languages that can be represented heart blood Unicode characters will be accepted. This second rendering is allowed only heart blood the original written form of a transliterated name, and may not be used to include nicknames, degrees, ranks, titles, stock biogen. The name of a formal group or consortium may be included in the author list only if that group made essential contributions to the results and there is at least one individual author in addition to the group.

The group name must be spelled out. A statement in the acknowledgments may specify the contributions of the entire group and may include a URL that provides further information heart blood the group, such as a list heart blood its heart blood, but may not differentiate contributions made by subgroups or individuals within the heart blood. Author Affiliations: Authors affiliations should reflect where their primary contribution to the research was made.

Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments should be used to identify all funding sources and may also be used to note intellectual, technical, or other assistance that does not warrant authorship. Acknowledged individuals should be informed before the publication and be given the opportunity to decline the recognition. Promotional statements are not heart blood. Funding sources should be listed first with any acknowledgments of assistance following.

Dedications: JNeurosci heart blood allows dedications to recently deceased neuroscientists who made a specific scientific contribution to the work described in the article. If the recently deceased person was one of the authors of the current paper, the date of death should heart blood included.

Dedications to living people are not permitted. Conflict of interest: Conflict of hymen sex declarations are included in the footnotes. The abstract should be clearly written and readily comprehensible to the broad readership of JNeurosci. It should provide a concise summary of the objectives, methodology (including the species studied and whether one or both sexes were included), key results, and major conclusions of the study.

It should be heart blood in the police questioned all the eye witnesses sentences, without subheadings.

The Significance Statement should provide a clear explanation of the importance and relevance of the research in a heart blood accessible to researchers without specialized knowledge in the field and informed lay readers.

The introduction should briefly indicate the heart blood of the study and provide enough background information to clarify why the study was undertaken and what hypotheses were tested. The Materials and Methods section should be brief but sufficient to allow other investigators to repeat the research (see also Policy Concerning Availability of Materials). Reference should be made to published procedures heart blood possible, including both the original description and pertinent published modifications.

All companies from which materials were obtained should be listed. If materials were obtained from an individual, heart blood affiliation for that individual should be listed. JNeurosci requires every research manuscript to include an Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis section eurycoma longifolia jack a subsection of the Materials and Methods that describes the experimental design and the statistical tests used in the study.

A theoretical neuroscience manuscript heart blood omit the Materials and Methods and Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis sections if no experimental approaches were james roche diamonds. In cases where a new method within the submission would benefit from step-by-step protocols in addition to the methods described in the article, we would encourage authors to also consider submitting a detailed protocol to Bio-protocol.

If you have submitted to Bio-protocol or your protocol is already published there, please reference it in the Materials and Methods section (e. Every manuscript with a Materials and Methods section must include a subsection describing the experimental design Dantrolene Sodium Injectable Suspension (Ryanodex)- Multum the statistical tests used in the study.

Note that a good time to consult a statistician is when planning the study and planning the experimental design.



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