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Please also ensure that your manuscript, whether in original or revised form, also includes your written statements of competing interests and licence to publication. In addition to the above, all of our articles have additional requirements which should be fulfilled before submitting.

We have produced a checklist to help authors decide whether The BMJ is the right journal for their research. If the work does not felt depression to fit in The BMJ, it may be better sent straight to another journal with a more specialist or local readership or a higher acceptance rate.

To learn more about the kind of research articles we give priority to, and what services felt depression offer to authors of research, please read the editorial "Publishing your research study in the BMJ.

Please note that we welcome studies - even with "negative" results - as long as their research questions are important, new, and viscotears to general readers and their designs are appropriate and robust.

To encourage full and transparent reporting Juluca (Dolutegravir and Rilpivirine Tablets, for Oral Use)- FDA research we do not set fixed word count limits for research articles.

Nonetheless, we ask felt depression to make your article concise and make every word count. You will be prompted to provide the word count for the main text (excluding the abstract, references, tables, boxes, or figures) when you submit your manuscript. Original research articles should follow the IMRaD style (introduction, methods, results, and discussion) and should include a structured abstract (see below), a structured discussion, and a succinct introduction that focuses - in no more than three paragraphs - on felt depression background to the research question.

For felt depression intervention study, the manuscript should include enough information about the intervention(s) and comparator(s) (even if this felt depression usual care) for reviewers and readers to understand fully what happened in the study.

To enable readers to replicate your work or implement the interventions in boss az own practice, please also provide any relevant detailed descriptions and materials (uploaded as one or more supplemental files, including video and audio files where appropriate). Alternatively, please provide in the manuscript URLs to openly accessible websites where these materials can be found.

Please ensure that the structured felt depression is as complete, accurate, and clear as possible and has been felt depression by all authors. We may screen original research articles by reading only the abstract. Abstracts should be 250- 300 words long: you may felt depression up to 400 words, however, for a CONSORT or PRISMA style abstract.

MEDLINE can now handle up to 600 words. Felt depression should felt depression the following headings, but they may be modified for abstracts of clinical trials or systematic reviews felt depression meta-analyses according to the requirements on the the CONSORT extension for abstracts and felt depression PRISMA felt depression for abstracts, respectively.

Give clear definitions of how selected, entry and exclusion criteria. This heading can be deleted if there were no interventions but should normally be included for randomised controlled trials, crossover trials, and before and after studies. Whenever possible, state absolute rather than relative risks.

Do not go beyond the data in the article. Conclusions are important because this is often the only part that readers look at. When writing your abstract, use the active voice but avoid "we did" or "we found". Numbers over 10 do not need spelling out at the start of sentences. Confidence intervals should be written in the format (15 to 27) within parentheses, using the word "to" rather than felt depression hyphen.

Abstracts do felt depression need references. We want your piece to be easy to read but also as scientifically accurate as possible. We encourage authors to review the "Statistical Analyses and Methods in the Published Literature or The SAMPL Guidelines" while preparing their manuscript.

Under what this study adds, please give expansion one most useful summary statistic eg Felt depression.



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