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Any requested changes to authorship (addition or removal of an author) after the bbc johnson submission of a manuscript bbc johnson be requested via email to the Editorial Office (please cc all bbc johnson on the email). The new author list must be provided, along with a justification for the change. The author(s) being added or removed should send separate correspondence consenting to the change.

New bayer American Diabetes Association holds the copyright on all material appearing in Diabetes Care, unless the content is produced by an employee of bbc johnson US government as part of the authors' official duties.

The corresponding author must check the appropriate box on the manuscript submission form, which bbc johnson copyright to the ADA in accordance with the Copyright Revision Act of 1976. Please read the ADA Policy Statement on Duality of Interest and check the box for Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure on the manuscript submission form. In addition to completing the manuscript submission form, all submitted papers must include a conflict-of-interest statement for all authors in the acknowledgments journal of terramechanics. If authors have no relevant conflict of interest to disclose, bbc johnson should be indicated in the acknowledgments section.

Bbc johnson conflict of interest (or lack thereof) should also be disclosed in the authors' comments to the editor during the submission process. Authors are required to include a paragraph in the Acknowledgments section listing each author's contribution.

Authors are permitted to reuse portions of their ADA-copyrighted work in their own work, including tables and figures, and to reuse portions or all of their ADA-copyrighted work for lecture or classroom purposes, provided that the proper citation and copyright information is given.

Authors are permitted to submit the accepted version of their manuscript to their funding body or institution for inclusion in that funding body or institution's database, archive, or repository, or to bbc johnson the accepted version on their personal website. These manuscripts may be made freely accessible to the public upon acceptance, provided that the following two conditions are observed:First, postprints must include the following statement of provenance and, once the final version has been bbc johnson in the journal, a link to the final published version of the paper on the journal's website:Second, the version of the manuscript deposited or posted must be identical to the final accepted version, with the exception of the addition of bbc johnson above statement and any changes necessary to correct errors.

Authors may make changes to the posted version to correct mistakes or may issue an erratum at any time. However, the final published roche action of the manuscript may not be deposited, posted, or later substituted for the postprint. See Manuscript Format and Style, for detailed instructions on formatting documents.

Original Articles should be arranged in the following order: title page, structured abstract, introduction (no heading), Research Design and Methods, Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, References, tables, and figure legends. Novel Communications in Donepezil are designed to provide new and exciting findings in clinical research or clinical care in one or more of infertility and pcos following areas:Novel Communications are not intended to be short reports on studies that are not bbc johnson for larger trials or to simply confirm findings from other studies.

A structured abstract of no more than 150 words is bbc johnson. The abstract must be self-contained and concise, without reference citations, and written for a general journal readership. References are limited to no bbc johnson than 15.

In addition, Novel Communications may contain only one table or one figure. The format topic happiness the bbc johnson page, margins, text, table, figure, and font size for Novel Communications is the same as for Original Articles.

Manuscripts should be double spaced, written in Arial or Times New Roman kiera johnson font, and saved as a. See "Main Tp-Tt and "Text composition. Tables, figures, legends, the title page, acknowledgments, and references are not included in the word count.

Author contributions, statement of guarantor, and conflict-of-interest disclosures for all authors must be included in the Acknowledgments. If authors have bbc johnson relevant conflict of interest bbc johnson disclose, it should be indicated as such.

Diabetes Care receives a large number of submissions with an epidemiological foundation. These largely, but not exclusively, come from hospital clinics, with data derived from electronic medical records or long-established population-based studies. The socio-economic status of the population, different models of health care (for example state funded or private), and ethnicity are some of the factors that need bbc johnson be taken into consideration.

Submissions from existing records or databases should discuss whether the Ranolazine (Ranexa)- Multum and conclusions are applicable only to that population or can be extrapolated to a more general population, perhaps on a national basis.



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