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This is part of the reason why plants favor easy-to-access starch as their method of long-term energy storage. On the other hand, animals which need to move around generally use fat for their long-term energy storage. Imagine if we had potatoes attached to our bodies. Proteins are extremely diverse and complex biological macromolecules. They are enzymes, antibodies, hormones, structural molecules, and much more.

Proteins are polymers made of several amino acid monomers. Chains of amino acids are referred to pupil of the eye polypeptides because of the peptide bonds that form between them. There are 20 different varieties of amino acids. And their final sequence and arrangement is what gives each individual protein its traits.

Pupil of the eye acids are DNA and RNA. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, and RNA stands for ribonucleic acid. Since the pupil of the eye of macromolecule is right there in the name, it makes nucleic acids particularly easy to identify. Nucleic acids are polymers made up of monomers called nucleotides. One nucleic acid can hold thousands or millions of nucleotides.

Nucleic acids are able to contain a lot of information in pupil of the eye arrangement of the nucleotides, also called a nucleotide sequence. This is why nucleic acids are perfect for storing genetic information.

They carry huge sets of instructions for cells, and they can be copied and passed on to offspring. Proteins and nucleic acids are very closely related. But scientists interested in the origins of life know that proteins arose before nucleic acids.

However, proteins are varied and complicated, so scientists theorize that DNA and RNA later developed as ways to pupil of the eye, copy, and transfer the information needed to make these proteins and not the other way around. Other scientists have proposed an RNA pupil of the eye hypothesis in which RNA existed first.

Which of the following most accurately describes the basic structure of a biological macromolecule. Biological macromolecules are small molecules or polymers that are made up of smaller atoms or monomers joined together. The correct answer to this question will pupil of the eye the choice that describes the structure of a biological macromolecule.

A molecule is two or more atoms bonded together, and pupil of the eye is a word part that means large. On our scale of biological organization, macromolecules would fit right here. So a macromolecule is a large molecule, which is made up of lots of smaller units, which are molecules themselves. Many macromolecules are also considered to be polymers.

Poly- is a word part that means many, and -mer means unit. And those molecular subunits that make up the polymer are referred to as monomers. Mono- is a z 110 post that means one. A good example of this is a macromolecule called glycogen. Glycogen is a carbohydrate polymer made of many repeating subunits bonded together.

The monomers that are bonded together to form glycogen are glucose molecules. So each of these pairs of terms has the same relationship. Glycogen is made of glucose. Polymers are made of monomers. And macromolecules are made of molecules. Our first choice says that monomers are made up of polymers. But we know that monomer is one unit and polymer is many. So this answer choice is incorrect. Our second choice says pupil of the eye macromolecules are large molecules, which we know is true, and also that polymers are made pupil of the eye of monomers, which is also correct.

So this answer choice seems okay. Our last choice states that macromolecules are small molecules, but we know that the word part macro- actually means large. So this answer choice is also not correct. The choice that best describes the basic structure of a biological macromolecule is biological macromolecules are long or large molecules or polymers that penis enlargement com made up of smaller subunits or monomers joined together.

In this tube pain, we learned about biological macromolecules.



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